Just Kickin’ My Feet Up…

Thank you box, for reminding me what I put in you.

That's a "Personal Computer" box. In case you were wondering.

sending out job applications.  The whole process is seemingly designed to erode the human spirit.  Between the repetition, the imprecision and the inherently judgemental nature of the endeavor can anything be left but an abrased and burnished shiny button of spirit?

In all seriousness, there are certainly worse activities or punishments.  It is merely that the process seems to lack efficiency and what is most galling is that there has been considerable improvement in the field!  Much like dating, the matching of two parties seems simple.  I, would like a job.  Presumably, there is a company that would like to hire me.  In between the two contestants is a morass of mud, crap, and things that have barbs attached for no more reason than spite.

The process begins with searching for a job.  I’m a software engineer, though that is like saying I type words into a computer it is so general, so I type software engineer in Craigslist.  Whoa!  Okay, that’s too many results.  Well, I’ve been working with C# a lot lately and enjoy it, so let’s try that.  That’s better, much more manageable.  Time to delve into the results.  This one requires more web experience than I have.  Same.  Same.  This one is close, but not quite.  Okay, this one appears to fit.  Now to apply.  Hmm, it looks like I’ll need to go to their website and apply there.  That’s fine… wait, I have to create a profile.  They only have one position that applies to me, and there’s about thirty fields here, but that’s fine they might have something else later.  Now that I have my profile filled out, I’ll upload the resume.  Uh oh, they require a cover letter.  That’s fine, I’ll just look one up and write one.  There, and I’ll even do a general one so I can adapt it for other jobs.  Whew, okay upload the cover letter.  Now I’ll just note down in my spreadsheet that I’ve applied for this job so I don’t reapply, and we’re done.  We’ve applied for one job.

So, all in all things are good.  I’m not scanning through the classifieds, well at least not the paper ones, and circling them in a red marker.  I’m not running off resumes and stuffing envelopes and licking stamps and I think this sentence just turned into a double entendre.  My point is, things are better now, but they still suck.  A lot.  I suppose that’s probably true of Modern Life in general, it’s just that I haven’t been exposed to this facet of it in years.  I guess my mind decided not to hang on to the memories of the last time.  Can’t imagine why.


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7 Responses to Just Kickin’ My Feet Up…

  1. Kevin Brennan says:

    At least it is better than the min wage online job apps, which require 50-60 ‘moral’ questions that you answer with strongly agree -> strongly disagree, and some are phrased “you prefer working incredibly slow but well”, whats the disagree to that, fast and shoddily?

    • schion65 says:

      I prefer to think of it as a “this can be any answer you want”. So, if you say “work slow but well” and I agree, you know that I prefer to work that way. If I say I disagree, well then what way do I prefer to work? Who knows! Could be in molasses, could be without pants. All they know is, I do not prefer to “work slow but well”.

      Of course, keep in mind that I failed the only one of those I ever took (at Best Buy), so I’m probably not a good person to ask. 🙂


      • Kevin Brennan says:

        Oh I heard, other gems are like, “You decided to stop stealing”, err I guess I stopped but when did I start?

        Either way still a little less annoying than filling out this Security Clearance paper work which apparently assumes everyone keeps meticulous records.

      • schion65 says:

        Yeah. I’ve done that, it takes forever. That’s why I know keep meticulous records. 🙂


  2. Charles says:

    “I’m not running off resumes and stuffing envelopes and licking stamps and I think this sentence just turned into a double entendre.”

    That’s why you moved up there, isn’t it? ‘Cuz you hung out with me so long EVERYTHING started sounding like a double entendre? ‘Cuz you couldn’t so much as order a double-tall espresso with extra cream without breaking into hysterical laughter?

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