Kickin’ It, Feet Up Style…

Cape Disappointment did not, ahem, disappoint.

reading about SQL store procedures.  When I first started coding for money, I was working for a firm called Digital System Resources (DSR), which was later purchased by General Dynamics (GD).  It was, and is, a defense contractor.  Getting a security clearance was entertaining, and my advice to anyone who might consider a career requiring one is to document everything.  Every apartment, every job you’ve had for the last ten years is of interest to them.  So write it down!

DSR was a good gig as an intern.  They gave you a chance to make real contributions to legitimate projects.  It was exhilarating.  I once worked 36 hours between Monday and Tuesday to put a project out and I loved it.  They took care of their interns and we took care of them (with one hilarious exception).  I really regretted not taking their job offer after two summers there.

Nowadays the inspiration can be a little harder to come by.  7 years in the game and every time you start looking for a new job requires you to re-familiarize yourself with the college concepts.  Concepts that do not see a lot of use outside of interviews.

It seems to me that this inspiration attrition applies to work in general.  The necessity of working on something you enjoy can serve to strip the enjoyment from it.  Work pays you to be there for a reason, you wouldn’t be there normally.  I’ve yet to see a bar that pays you to drink there and as for sex payment clearly changes the picture.

Unemployment changes your perspective on work.  There’s this feeling of standing on a cleavage point, looking across the chasm between Yes:Money, No:Time and No:Money, Yes:Time.  A sense emerges of what a person is without a job.  The effects of unemployment on large accumulations of humanity (as well as individuals) are well documented.  The intimacy of the situation gives a hint of the underlying psychology and sociology.

A job provides a sense of purpose and structure.  Providing your own can be more difficult and seems to be an extension of analysis paralysis.  There’s too much.  Too much time, too much possibility.  What’s one hour in a potentially endless sea of hours?  Why wash clothes now when you literally can do it at any other time?  You don’t need to be up in the morning for work.  You can sleep at noon and send out job applications electronically at three thirty in the morning.  Fuck it, you don’t even need to wash those clothes, you’re just standing around in a blanket anyway.

My aegis has been that I’ve always had too many things I’ve wanted to do.  So unemployment has simply been a massive clearing of my schedule.  I do have bills though.  Those sprightly little bastards seem entirely unperturbed by my loss of income.

So, here I sit, reading over stored procedures.  They’re actually pretty interesting, you can see how they’d fit with a lot of other things.  I’ve certainly worked with databases, but it’s nice to refresh some of the items I didn’t get to use as much.

Maybe working would be alright.


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3 Responses to Kickin’ It, Feet Up Style…

  1. Tim says:

    When’s the IPO for Brenntech?

    • schion65 says:

      We’re looking at a late Q4. Would you like to get in on the ground floor? I’ve often thought of calling it Third Boot Technologies. Because if it works three boots in a row, it works. 🙂


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