Roger, We Are Go For Feet Kickin’…

This message sent to you from my storage/lounging nook.

which is good, because a weekend is a long time.

A delightful butterfly alights on a tulip, the stalk gently sways beneath the weight.  As the butterfly probes the bloom with its proboscis, a small cat stalks a titmouse behind it.  The cat closes in on its unaware prey just as it itself is unaware of the preening crow in the tree above it.  As the crow takes flight, a storm gathers in the distance.  The storm flexes its might and unleashes a downpour on the mountain below it.  The indomitable mountain ignores the torrent flowing down its side as the water collect into raging streams.  The streams course down the foothills and into the valleys, joining with their brothers into expansive rivers.  The rivers meander their way through the plains and exhausted, reach the ocean.  The ocean drinks in the rivers and laps up onto the shore as the sun sets and night’s reign begins.  The night sky stretches expansive and endless, as the moon rises in the night.  The moon hangs, airless and serene in the vast emptiness of space as a meteor drags by.  Pulled by the moon, the meteor follows its unavoidable course through the earth’s atmosphere, reduced to a pebble.  The pebble plops onto the ground near the tulip, startling the butterfly who flies away as the rain begins to fall.

I guess it rained yesterday, but I was inside playing Cyclades and Ascension.


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4 Responses to Roger, We Are Go For Feet Kickin’…

  1. Tim says:

    I like the POV on this one, knowing where in your place that is.

  2. schion65 says:

    🙂 Thank you sir! I appreciate the compliment. PDX treating you well? Pining for some Seattle action? Perhaps some PAX action?

  3. Charles says:

    Don’t feel bad–Arcanum’s eating my life again. Why, oh why did have to offer it for only $6?

    • schion65 says:

      That’s definitely the sweet spot on pricing. Less than $10 is pocket money and pocket money may be exchanged for goods and services. Goods like Arcanum. 🙂

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