Side-Saddle Kickin’ My Feet Up…

When you are both the photographer and the subject, you have no excuse for how the picture turns out.

for all the ladies out there.

Doug is a fellow job hunter, a software engineer comrade in arms.  We met at a networking event recently and commiserated over the job market.  The sort of idle bitching that passes the time.  Now, I don’t know Doug well, but he’s something of a legend.  See, as a couple of people that I met at the event told me, Doug is a photographer.  Or was one.  Nowadays he concentrates on software, but he put himself through college with photography.

Shannon and Karen, the previously mentioned event attendees, were excited to discuss Doug’s previous vocation with him.  Seems he was no ordinary photographer, but a rock and roll photographer.  In the mid to late 70s Doug attended rock concerts, took pictures and sold them.  He put himself through college doing this.  To contrast, I worked a couple of internships and at a Little Caesars.  He took pictures of Led Zepplin, I took pizzas out of the oven.

Shannon and Karen were able to convince Doug to bring in some of those pictures that he still had.  Gorgeous 8×10 glossies that writhed with life and vigor.  They were fucking awesome.  Doug had us play an impromptu “Name that artist” with the portion of his collection he had at hand.  I lost, but it was a blast.  I saw Kenny Loggins and Jay Giles.  I suffered from a blown mind.

I should point out at this point that Shannon, Karen and myself could not shut up about him offering these online or in a book.  While I stand behind the sentiment, we could not have pushed a harder sell.  There’s comes a point where someone is no longer interested in what you are saying.  Doug may have been starting from that point and we made it no better.

The fact that these pictures were good and that his experiences taking them were of interest to people (and potentially profitable), while true, miss the point entirely.  To Doug, these things were memories.  Cherished memories perhaps, but memories all the same.  I do not know what changed Doug’s feelings on his photography but three inebriated strangers were not going to revert his feelings to their previous state.  I would like to apologize for my part in it, for what it’s worth.

How I could fail to understand his sentiment is beyond me.  If you came up to me today and told me that I made the best Crazy Bread (tm Little Caesars) and that people would love to eat it and have me talk about it.  I would probably listen politely while you talked and then move on.  Thanks for listening to us so politely Doug.


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4 Responses to Side-Saddle Kickin’ My Feet Up…

  1. Lily A says:

    finally a picture of Shaun! looking good

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