Low And Slow Feet Kickin’…

That's a crazed semi-feral cat in the background, by the way.

makes for tender, more juicy relaxation.

Unemployment affords you a great deal of free time is the common adage.  That statement is a little misleading.  What it really does is convert all of your Responsibility Time and Free Time to Time.  Every minute is much like the last and nearly identical to the one that follows.  I have mentioned it before, but tasks lose the imperative they normally possess when you have unlimited time.  What this means, is that you have an exercise in self motivation.

When it comes down to it, sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day is not enjoyable.  There are various tasks that you can perform while on the computer that are enjoyable, but the act itself does not impart any enjoyment.  This distinction is important because if the task you are performing is not enjoyable, for instance job hunting or filling out applications, then you need to force yourself to do it.

What complicates the issue is that there is no longer that time crunch you can count on.  If, for instance, you are like me and typically procrastinated until the absolute last moment and then counted on the rush of adrenaline to carry you through finishing the project… well guess what you’re fucked.

So I’m glad that I have this outlet, this thrice weekly responsibility to keep me on track.  A reason and non-financial reason to sit down in front of the computer.  Like a lone log in a raging river, it provides for at least some purchase.  Whatever happens, I can credit this site with keeping me aimed in the right direction.  You know, motivation-ally speaking.

I would also like to thank everyone who’s been reading for the past few weeks.  I know I haven’t always given you a lot of meat on the bone, but I assure you that I am fattening up the work as we speak.

Enjoy your weekend, one and all!


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2 Responses to Low And Slow Feet Kickin’…

  1. Lily A says:

    keeping an online journal is interesting. for me there always seems to be an uncertainty, a hesitation in posting daily musings and activities, especially if they involve other people. dunno, sometimes I don’t want to drag others into my story, don’t want em to know I’ve been writing about em.

    that said, I’m in a class where the prof is requiring us to keep a blog. I’m thinking of something witty for a title like “MOBILILY” (play on MOBILITY, especially since the blog is gonna be about my thoughts on transportation). maintaining a blog is kinda hard too, especially if you have to think of topics to write about. but you’re doing a great job SCB! keep up the good work

    • schion65 says:

      Mobilily is very nice, though a bit of a tongue twister. Let me know when you get it going so I can read it!

      Updates are feast or famine it seems. The trick is, when inspiration strikes, write down enough to be able to use it later. God knows I’ve made that mistake enough times.

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