Wearily Kickin’ My Feet Up…

just a little tired, nothing to worry about.

Shaun In Wonderland encountered an early spatial relationship problem.

Well, weeks like these show up on everyone’s calendar.  House guests, interviews, interviews, interviews, writing and grad school applications.  Individually manageable or even negligible, but taken together they’re quite exhausting.

I spent the better part of Monday and Tuesday at Microsoft interviewing for a few positions.  What they tell you is that you have three interviews, I mean after the initial interview with the recruiter.  Ok, so they tell you that you have four interviews and if they like what they see you’ll have more interviews.  Awesome!  How many?  They don’t say.  I met with eight people on Monday and six on Tuesday.  So, I know that I had at least eight goods interviews, but did I have eight in a row?  That remains to be seen.

This is fairly typical for software jobs.  You end up talking with almost everyone on the team plus a couple of people.  It has an amateur volleyball feel:  Ok, you’ve hit the ball over the net, now can you do it six more times?  If not, you probably won’t get a job.  Or score a point.  You know what I mean.

When you tack on the commute time in the morning and at night, it really turns a day stressful.  Normally when you go to work you aren’t nervous heading there about being awesome to everyone you meet and you don’t spend the drive home wondering if you were awesome.  Or maybe you do, I don’t want to tell you how to live your life.  Anyway, it can be exhausting.

When you add that to the fact that I’m going to be working on graduate school applications this week, it feels like I’ve spent 72 hours thus far vying for approval.  As much as I enjoyed my teens, I’m not ecstatic about this return to form.  Yes I realize that in an interview you are also interviewing the company.  However, if the company passes, then it still leaves you hoping they will accept you.

Thanks Internet, I needed to vent.


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6 Responses to Wearily Kickin’ My Feet Up…

  1. Lily A says:

    we all want to be accepted.

  2. Bluscious says:

    With the job market like it is, the part where you are interviewing the company sort of becomes a formality, right? I mean, when you badly need a job, what would turn you off from working for someone, short of them marching your mother into the interview room and casually cuckolding your father while you chatted?

    • schion65 says:

      All the while maintaining unbroken eye contact?

      – “I, uh, I would probably make sure to check the return val… Could you stop that please? It’s just, there’s so much wrong with what you are doing I don’t know what to address first.”

      “Slap her ass”

      – “I most certainly will not!”

      “If you want this job, you’ll slap it.”

      – “Oh, you bastard.”

      P.S. I can’t wait until this exact comment keeps me from getting a job.

  3. Charles says:

    You should try not giving a shit what all these insects think of you sometime. It’s very relaxing.

    • schion65 says:

      Yeah… I’ve given that a go and I tend to get pretty abrasive pretty quickly. I try to balance between whinin’ and cryin’ about people liking me and shouting expletives because I just don’t care. 🙂

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