Spatial Relationship Feet Kickin’…

listen people, it is just too goddamn big, ok?

Always lead with a double entendre, that’s what my mentor said.  I took it to heart.

Went to a wedding this weekend.  Pretty righteous.  A buddy of mine Topher and his lady Erin got hitched.  I had a fantastic time, perhaps a little too much to drink.  Next door to the motel we stayed in, there was a closed Arby’s.  One with a discarded sign.  Wanna see it?


I'm thinking... hernia.

Whenever I show people this picture to people, the first question they ask is, “Did you steal it”?

To which I reply by showing them this picture:


"Okay... so even if we take it, where are we gonna put it?"

Which they then reply with, “So?  You still should’ve taken it.”  And I must admit, I don’t really know how to respond to that.  I know that they understand photography and perspectives.  Perhaps they think it’s a trick of the camera?  So, I usually go with, “It’s actually frickin’ huge, which is what I was trying to show you with that picture.  It literally was twelve feet tall.  Literally.”

Then they just look at me with those eyes.  You know the ones, so full of disappointment.  It’s the day they had a math problem their dad couldn’t solve.  Just this disillusionment, this disconnect between their ideal and the reality of life.  They look at me like they did when their first love broke their heart and it kills me. I’m sorry!  I’m sorry for the thousand little hiccups of life.  I’m sorry for the way you can want something so simple, and it’s all you can do to attain it.

Wait, why am I apologizing for not stealing seven hundred pounds of failed franchise allegory?


Here’s a picture from Chi that I’m a fan of:




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One Response to Spatial Relationship Feet Kickin’…

  1. LILY A says:

    what a tease.

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